Search Engine Workshop FeedbackSEO Class

  • The class helped me immensely!
  • Great content – full of value – no question!
  • Awesome application of the content to our businesses – we learned and applied it to our businesses, in class.
  • Loved the work sessions on real stuff and other real classmates businesses, not fictitious or standard classroom topics. We had great energy in our class!
  • The brainstorming sessions were very valuable.
  • Thank you for all the extra goodies on the flash drive!

What employers are saying about the search engine marketing training:

Search Engine Academy of Oregon is doing a fantastic job training web designers and developers in SEO best practices. I own a small Search Marketing Agency and my most difficult task is finding designers and developers with the skills to implement the best practices and strategies I learn at search engine conferences.

SEA-OREGON is training developers advanced search engine optimization and marketing skills and techniques that help me create quality projects for my clients. One of Colleen’s students recently completed a project for us and it was one of the best experiences I’ve had with a developer in 10 years of business. Jennifer was skilled, professional and well versed in SEO/SEM. Whether you run your SEO/SEM project in-house or hire an agency, insist on this quality training. Thank you Colleen!

Lisa WilliamsMedia Forte Marketing

What students are saying about the Search Engine Workshops:

“Search Engine Academy Northwest and Colleen in particular have a very deep understanding of SEO and where its many facets fit into interactive marketing. Her class was informative and fun – any copywriter wanting to work online should have these skills in their tool box.”
Thomas S., PopArt Interactive Marketing Agency

“Enjoyed the class, the material, presentation & guest speakers. This was a valuable use of time & a great resource of information.”
Mary K., Working Web Solutions

“The website is doing really well and we’ve almost doubled our sales in the past 6 months.”
Dominic S., Allied Security

“So far I have only optimized one website I recently created as per what you taught and when Google finally did index it – (took six weeks) the website showed up on the top of the search results for the keyword phrases I optimized for!!!! in all three search engines – Google, Yahoo and MSN…”
Charles W.

“Colleen is very knowledgeable and has “real world” experience. This is a real plus.”
Joanne C., Hewlett Packard

“This class was great and has really helped me with prioritizing my “SEO to do list.” I am walking away w/ tons of resources that will continue to educate me and techniques that will make a huge impact on site ranking. I feel focused and have the tools that will improve our companies success.” Leah W.,

SEO Class “I’ve already compiled a rich list of strategies that I’m excited to implement to The Mountain Shop website. I look forward to getting more in depth.”
Alan L., The Mountain Shop

“Class Exercises really help…Enjoy input from everyone. The Action Plan is going to be a great tool.”
Shellie Z., Axium

“I was hesitant to take an entire week out of my business for the extended workshop, but I’m SO glad I did. This workshop was extremely beneficial. I now feel well equipped to do SEO on my own, hire someone, or to work with a contractor. Great job, Colleen! I can’t wait to get to work.”
Monte B., Inside NicheSEO Workshop

“I have learned a lot. I hope I remember it all. I am SO glad I took this class. I want to learn more! Very Useful!”
Denise R., Darf Inc.

“Thank you for a very fruitful and enjoyable week in your class! …This class was extremely valuable because it was practical. We applied what we learned while in class. An excellent way to learn how to not only optimize but market your website”
Cecile Bos, Blue Research

“Colleen’s invaluable training in advanced search engine optimization skills and techniques has given me the skills to implement search engine optimization and best practice strategies in my web designs. Colleen’s instruction is always truthful, up-front and on the cutting edge of new web technologies. I highly recommend Colleen and Search Engine Academy NW.”
Dana Keena

“I’ve known Colleen at Search Engine Academy for years, and I’ve been a guest lecturer at her classes before. I would happily recommend her and SEA to someone looking for an immersive “hands on” two or three day local workshop in internet marketing.”
Scott Hendison, CEO, Search Commander Inc.

“Colleen has been teaching and coaching people to be successful online as an Internet Marketing Consultant since 2008 and has helped hundreds of business owners become more successful online.”
Roy Reyer, Founder and CEO, Search Engine Academy SW

“I attended Colleen’s SEO training company Search Engine Academy of Oregon and felt it was worth every penny! As I was already working as a SEO professional I was very interested in keeping up to date with the happenings in the SEO world. I took the advanced 5 day course. It was not only informative but fun. I particularly enjoyed the fact that there was time to explore areas of SEO that were not particularly in the curriculum. And it was fun!”
Jim Hay – Joomla Web Design