Who Benefits from Attending Internet Search Engine Optimization Seminars?

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Business Owners

Business OwnersOn average, 80% of online traffic is driven by search engine results from Google, Yahoo and MSN and 50% of buyers search for products utilizing a search engine prior to a purchase. Therefore it becomes critical for online businesses to show-up in the search engine results pages (SERPs) for search terms related to their products and services. Learning how to optimize your website is the first step toward becoming more visible on the Internet therefore increasing traffic and sales.

Attending an SEO Workshop will help you market your website online and also help educate you on proper search engine optimization techniques. If you choose to find SEO partners, the Workshop will help you understand the business of SEM which will help you identify appropriate partners. Google offers sound advice for choosing an SEO firm athttp://www.google.com/support/webmasters/bin/answer.py?answer=35291. Read this article and thenjoin us at the next Internet Search Engine Optimization Seminar.

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Web Designers

Web DesignerWeb design can have a significant impact on both paid and organic search results in addition to the overall user experience on a site. When SEO best practices are not followed when writing HTML code, search engines may decrease rankings for the site. Search Engine Workshops address HTML code best practices helping you avoid “code bloat”. You will also learn new ways to improve rankings through design strategy best practices. Offering search engine optimized web design is a powerful sales tool for any web design company. (I know, I use this tactic and it helps me close sales!) Learning how to use SEO best practices in your designs will help you close more sales and increase your customer base through referrals from happy customers. Learn how at the next Internet Search Engine Optimization Seminar.

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SEO Professionals

SEO ProfessorSEO, SEM, SMO, PPC, Personalized Search, long tail keywords…Search Engine Marketing is going through some majors changes in the way we think about attracting traffic to our websites. Not only do we have to consider on-page factors, there are off-page factors and the whole new world of social media marketing. These days, its not enough to optimize a page, customers want results which include new leads, increased sales and brand visibility. Search Engine Workshops offers up-to-date information on current SEO strategies, AND ways to help your clients convert these visitors in to customers. Stay current. Join us at the next Internet Search Engine Optimization Seminar.

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Direct Marketers

Business OwnerIf you don’t understand the rules behind search engine optimization or the importance of search engine marketing as a whole, you are going to be left in the dust by those who make the effort to understand these topics. Attending an Internet Search engine marketing seminar will help you:

  • Attract the most qualified online customers
  • Create powerful paid search ad campaigns that get the visitors into your conversion funnel
  • Find out how to combat poor online visibility
  • Convert visitors to customers at a much higher rate
  • Learn strategies to increase your search engine rankings
  • Stay current on the industry’s current best practices in organic and paid search marketing

Are you ready to stay ahead of the curve? Sign-up for the next Internet Search Engine Optimization Seminar.

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Corporate In-house Marketers

In-house MarketersWhy spend thousands of dollars a month outsourcing your search engine marketing initiatives when you can pay a one time fee to learn how to implement the program internally? Increase your job security and save your company money by becoming an expert in search engine marketing strategies and tactics in one week or less. Can you afford not too? Register now!

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RealtorAre you frustrated when you go online and see your competitors consistently ranking high in the search engines for locations in which you are selling property? Do you wish you could find a way to compete for these top spots in the search engine rankings? Well you can! Attending an Internet Search engine marketing seminar will help you identify keywords that you can implement on your website. This is the first step in knocking your competitors out of the top spots. Find out why blogging is critical to the success of your online programs. Learn about Pay Per Click advertising and how it has a synergistic effect on your organic rankings. You too can place high in the rankings. Attend a search engine workshop.

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Advertising & Media Professionals

Advertising & Media ProfessionalsAs Generation Y moves deeper into the marketplace and become even stronger consumers, you will be wondering why you aren’t reaching them and your competitors are. Generation Y grew up on the Internet. They prefer anonymity when making purchases and do most of their research online prior to going to a store or maybe they don’t even go to the store, they simply order online. This is why it is critical to add search engine marketing to you arsenal of tools implemented on behalf of your clients. Search Engine Academy Northwest will show you how to create a program for your clients that will have them coming back for more! Sign up for a class today!