Success Stories

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lisa tadewalt

“Just wanted to let you know that my site has gone from an average of 650 unique visitors a month to 1,200+ a month and we have not even had time to do half of the stuff recommended in your class. I have done this in my spare time and have only spent less than $1,000 on freelancers.

Even more impressive, I  have reduced my AdWords budget by more than half and I find although I am getting less clicks I am still getting the same amount of quality leads. I thought I was doing ok because I had several consultations with Google people, but I guess it really pays to get some independent advice.

Thank you so much!!!”

Lisa Tadewaldt
Tree Service Portland
Urban Forest Pro

sheri gormley

I wanted to let you know that after taking your class and seeing how poorly our website has been doing with search engine referrals, we took a look at everything and one of the things we found is that we have been operating with a really bad sitemap for who knows how long. It had over 250 broken page links (the sitemap, not the VT website), and so Google was only able to index 70 of our 354 pages.

On Monday when I first looked at in class, we had a score of about 39. But today, when Google found the repaired sitemap and reindexed our website, we now have 97!

Woo, hoo! …

… So for this tidbit alone I owe you many thanks. And we did get that home page title tag fixed, so that’s all good now, too. Your class was really, really useful to me — and I haven’t even started working on SEO yet ;o).

Thank you (and Chris!) for all that you do!

Sheri Gormley
Director, Marketing & Promotions
Fiction Your Way