Content Is King In SEO

Website content is one of the biggest factors in achieving good rankings in search engines. A properly balanced content peppered with targeted keywords is key to obtaining great search engine rankings. Targeting your keywords throughout your content in a highly specific format is one of the elements needed for good optimization. The key here is properly balanced keywords throughout the content with the proper keyword density. Keyword Density? It is the number of times that your keyword appears about the total word count on your page. There are many great tools available for free that will let you know what your keyword density is. Now the proper amount of density is a debate that is not settled. From all the research that I have made in this area, a good density seems to be around 7% -15%. Less than that and your content may not hold as much relevance in comparison to the keywords being searched on but a higher density than 15% and it may look like keyword spamming which will hurt your search engine rankings as well.

Some of the other factors to consider in creating your content is to use your specific keywords in the title of your article using the

HTML tag around the title. The header tag element lets the search engines know that you are placing emphasis or importance on that portion of the text so that is why it is important to use your keywords within that header tag. Placing your keywords as close to the beginning of your article, such as your first paragraph, also holds importance and weight with the search engines and to your overall optimization strategy. Keeping your content article to around 500 words or less also helps, both with the search engines and the human reader element. Making your article too long will lose your reader’s interest (unless it is a very compelling article) as people tend to read at least 25% slower from a web page than printed text. Building out your content to extend the number of pages overall on your website is the final goal that you should be targeting.

Getting your keyword-rich laser-targeted content to 30 pages or more will give you a tremendous boost in your overall rankings. I have achieved rankings within the top ten results of the 3 major search engines (Google, Yahoo, and MSN) using these techniques mentioned here in this blog. Try them for yourself and let me know what kind of improvements of success you are achieving. Overall, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to achieving the search engine ranking results that you would desire. I’ll be posting more articles soon to help you in your pursuit of achieving your search engine optimization goals.