6 Must-have Skills of Your Next In-House SEO Expert

We all know how important SEO is in today’s digital marketing strategies. Hiring the right in-house SEO expert may be a little tricky because you can’t just hire anyone to do the job. There are some important traits and abilities you need to look for in an in-house SEO expert. Find out below the qualities and skills a good in-house SEO candidate should possess.

1. Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is one of the most important SEO skills an in-house expert should possess. SEO specialists must be able to adjust to the ever-changing business and must have the ability to search for and create solutions.

One way to know if your hire has this skill is to ask about a problem and let them suggest a solution. If they have difficulty giving suggestions, then they are not the right candidate for the job.

2. Technology Skills

An SEO candidate must have knowledge of MOZ, Ahrefs, Google tools such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console or must be eager to study and understand them. These are very important platforms in getting the correct data and when making applicable solutions and reports.

You can ask the candidates to search over the top keywords on a particular topic in your niche, make an outline of the top keywords and ask how they can track the results once the content is live. Knowing if they can deliver these tasks will make a very good SEO expert that you can add to your team.

3. Data Analysis

The ability to gather and analyze marketing data is a key SEO skill. SEO experts must be able to communicate clearly the data presented to them. You can test their data analysis skill by giving them your SEO data and asking what they see and how will they modify it to get better results in your succeeding campaigns.

4. Empathy

You might be wondering why empathy is a needed skill in finding a good in-house SEO expert. But this specific skill is very important in knowing what your audience wants. An empathetic SEO will have a gauge on what your target audience is looking for.

If your brand lacks empathy, then you might lose customers just like what happened to the other brands that cannot adapt to the different changes in the world such as this pandemic and other issues like the woke culture.

To test whether your candidate has empathy you might want to observe certain things such as their listening skills, how interested they are in your company, or if they can share some tips on how to engage with your specific audience.

5. Strategic Planning

The right in-house SEO candidate must have the ability to assess data, understand goals and be able to organize thorough plans to make advancement. SEO efforts take time to actually show the results and a good hire must be able to handle short- and long-term planning. You can test strategic planning ability by telling the candidates about your plans and visions and see if the plans they will suggest are in tune with your needs and considerations.

6. T-shaped Marketing Proficiency

T-shaped marketing refers to a marketing skill in which the marketer has knowledge in various marketing disciplines and has expertise in one or more specific niches. Having this skill will make more marketing connections which are very advantageous to your brand.

A good potential hire must be adept in email marketing, copywriting and social media marketing. You may find out if they are good in these things if they can provide a good answer to a question like – What is the function of SEO in a social media plan? If they can provide a good strategy on how they can make SEO help grow your business, then you know you are talking to the right candidate.

Besides the skills mentioned above, there are still some things you might want to consider when looking for the right candidate.

Firstly, you need to be clear on the things your business wants to focus on. Make sure that the job description you wrote down contains all the duties and skills you are looking for in an SEO expert you want to hire within the best SEO company USA based.

Secondly, you must look for someone who has proven results. A good candidate must have experience in your industry and other industries who can give creative solutions and SEO strategies in a holistic approach.

Lastly, try to assess their SEO knowledge during the interview. One good question you might want to ask is; How will you know if your SEO strategy is performing or not? If they can come up with a witting answer then you know that they can help your brand grow.

Hiring the right in-house SEO expert will help in the survival of your business. SEO can make your business grow quickly if you hire the right candidate. Take time on screening your hires and make sure that they have all the skills on what it takes to be an SEO expert.

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