Interview with Colleen Wright on SoloPro Radio

On November 2nd, 2011; I was interviewed by Barbara Saunders on her radio show Solo Pro Radio on the Women for Women Network. Barbara Saunders is the Director of the International Association of Self-Employed Communication Professionals, Founder of the Solo Pro Academy, and the Solo Pro Success Coach. (more…)

Keyword Rich Domain Names: Big SEO Impact for Little Money

One of the best tactics that I implement when performing search engine optimization is finding a keyword rich domain name that has the business’ highly competitive keyword phrase in it. (more…)

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Guidelines for Google SEO On-Page Optimization

There are certain actions one should perform when optimizing a page for Google. I am going to outline eight actions to follow when optimizing a page. Keep in mind that on-page optimization is page specific, so you will want to optimize one page per keyword phrase. (more…)

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An Essay on What I Learned over Summer Vacation

Except it wasn’t summer vacation, it was coach training
I have never ever had a teacher ask me to write an essay about my summer vacation. In eighth grade, my teacher, Mrs. Creel had us create an entire book about our life. It was a full year project. We even bound the book and everything. I received an A- because I couldn’t figure out how to press a flower! Or more correctly, the flowers kept getting moldy. I gave up. I still have the book 30 years later. Producing this book is one accomplishment of which I have always been very proud and the closest I ever got to a summer vacation essay. (more…)

The First Bite is always the Best!

Eight Tips to build trust and keep your website visitors happy
On Tuesday I was invited to lunch with some folks at the Oregon Culinary Institute (OCI). What an amazing culinary school it is! If I didn’t know the restaurant was a training ground for future members of the culinary arts, I would have never known. This program is run very professionally and the food is amazing! (more…)

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Is SEO still Important for a Business when Social Media is all the Rage?

The answer is yes. There are two important reasons why SEO is still important in the age of Social Media. These reasons are:


SEO Training Academy offers free one and a half hour workshop in Portland, Oregon

Search Engine Academy Northwest is holding one and a half hour SEO Training workshops at 4:00 pm. Macforce, a well-known Apple Retail store located a 100 SE Salmon in Portland Oregon hosts these free classes since June 2009. (more…)

SEO Training Academy Rolls Out New Sessions for 2010

Search Engine Academy Northwest is rolling out new materials in the July 19, 20 and July 24, 25 and 26 SEO Training classes. Of particular note are the new sessions on Video Optimization and Local Search. (more…)

Know Your Audience

One point that is extremely important for embarking into social media is that you know your audience. When you think about it, Social Media is really a subset of your entire marketing plan and I don’t think you would dream of beginning a marketing campaign without knowing your target market! The same goes for Social Media. (more…)

Looking to hold SEO Training Classes in Seattle, Washington

The Search Engine Academy of Oregon recently changed its name to Search Engine Academy Northwest. Why? Because we now have the Washington SEO training territory and want to reflect this in the name of the company. The next step is to find a good location for training in Washington and to drum up some interest.

For those of you that may not know, Search Engine Academy offers live, hands-on training in Internet Marketing for business owners, marketing & PR professionals, web designers and developers. The classes are structure in a Two-Day Essentials SEO Training class, a Three-Day Advanced SEO Training class and the Five-Day Comprehensive SEO Training course that combines the Essentials and the Advanced classes together. (more…)